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“I used Aquiras to handle my website sale. My experience was absolutely fabulous. Easy to use and very trustworthy.”  – Angad S.

“Aquiras was very easy to use and their customer service was extremely responsive and helpful.” – Manoj B.

“We used this service in September 2018 to purchase a website. They were completely professional from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and informative.” – Divij K.

“This is a great service and they make the whole process of selling a website easy. Their procedures are well designed and will lead both the buyer and seller through the steps for a successful transaction. Aquiras was great and was always available by phone if you needed them. Real professionals!” – Jayant R.

“Aquiras worked flawlessly. The workflow was clear, communication great and the process secure. I would use again without hesitation. Great partner for making purchases remotely.” – Onkar M.

“Every time I called they answered. Great people to do business with and I would highly recommend them to everyone.” – Aarush M.

“I sold my second website through them and the experience was identical, A+ highly recommend.” – S.E.

“I used Aquiras when I was selling my website. It is a perfect solution and highly recommended, the staff is friendly” – Zain O.

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I received 452,000 INR for my site more than expected!

Arnav – Mumbai