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How it works

Acquire anything online with the help of Aquiras.com

Aquiras helps buyers and sellers acquire and transfer ownership of a website through an online process that makes transactions safe, secure and simple. After our third-party inspection service verifies the condition of the website and you’re ready to buy or sell, it’s time for us to discuss the overall strategy to make exchange possible with the eye on satisfying results for both the buyer and seller.

The protection services that Aquiras offer have no limits on the transaction amount and our experience make us proud to say we guarantee protection. Results are what matter for any acquisition, therefore Aquiras is stimulated to be on the side of the seller and buyer. This formula makes our rate of succes the highest in the industry. We are not only guaranteeing financial trust but also stimulating the successful outcome of any transaction by acting as the neutral party.

  • Buyer
  • Seller

After one year Aquiras found a buyer and sold my site for 226,000 INR

Arhaan B – Rajasthan

How Aquiras works, six easy steps.
1. Contact Us To Buy Or Sell Your Website

Aquiras will assign a private manager and follow up with legal documents.

2. Both Parties Agree to Conditions

The other party is notified and has the opportunity to accept the transaction or negotiate its details until both parties agree.

3. Buyer Funds Transaction

The buyer funds the transaction. Both parties are notified that all funds are in received and that it is safe to complete the transaction.

4. Seller Delivers Goods & Requests Payment

Once the transaction details have been satisfied, the seller will request a release of funds. They may also upload useful documents.

5. Buyer Verifies Delivery of Goods

The buyer confirms that the transaction has been completed.

6. Aquiras Makes sure Funds is received by Seller

Seller received funds and the transaction is closed.

Still have questions? See our FAQ page.