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Case study

The typical scenario in the acquiring process of a website

We are there for the buyer and seller and our fixed commission is not based on the price of the website, therefore we are able to take a neutral position and make sure both parties receive a satisfying agreement.

The routine procedure in the process of acquiring a website is as follows: The potential buyer will contact Aquiras and communicates interest in a particular website or app. From there Aquiras will go through the wishes and preferences of the client and walk through the procedures, legal and identification checks. Once the contract is signed under the no-cure-no-pay principle, Aquiras will get in touch with the website owner and inform the party about the conditions and proposals made by the client. When needed Aquiras will arrange a meeting between buyer and seller and function as a neutral negotiator to create the best possible outcome for both parties. Legal contracts will be provided for both parties.

Two sites sold for a more than satisfying result!

Nishith – Karnataka

By confirming the authenticity of buy or sale inquiry with identity and technical checks, your transaction is secure from start to finish. With Aquiras offering this safe, neutral processing platform we safeguard convenience for buyers and sellers alike.

  • Communication with Buyer and Seller
  • Due diligence for both parties
  • Fair negotiation
  • Contract and legal matters
  • Payment and verification of delivery

When you find the website you want to purchase, you might feel stuck interacting with a relative stranger for a purchase of significant value. How do you hold the seller accountable and avoid falling victim to an online scam? Aquiras builds a trustworthy bridge between buyers and sellers. Because Aquiras has developed a structured plan to guide the whole acquiring process from start to finish we remove any failure from the acquiring process and guarantee a safe execution.

  • Peace of mind, security, and convenience
  • Payment verification prior to website transfer
  • Protection against credit card fraud, insufficient funds or credit card chargebacks
  • Confident website transfer
  • Ability to pay with over 15 payment methods
  • Always access to live customer support by phone and email

After our third-party inspection service verifies the condition of the website and you’re ready to buy or sell, it’s time for us to discuss the overall strategy to make exchange possible with the eye on satisfying results for both the buyer and seller. The protection services that Aquiras offer have no limits on the transaction amount and our experience make us proud to say we guarantee protection. This will remove any unwanted pressure in the process of deal-making and therefore will contribute to more success and satisfying parties.

Aquiras believes that in any case, both parties need to find a balance of their wishes and will advise about logic and fairness but above all inform about current market conditions with examples and future potential taken into account. So that the perspective of value is based on a realistic approach.

Results are what matter for any acquisition, therefore Aquiras is stimulated to be on the side of the seller and buyer. This formula makes our rate of success the highest in the industry. We are not only guaranteeing financial trust but also stimulating the successful outcome of any transaction by acting as the neutral party.